KYE (Know your emissions)

  1. 1.
    Know the scopes - Carbon Calculation Launchpad (powered by AI-chat technology)
  2. 2.
    Know your suppliers - Supplier’s On-ramp (powered by smart contracts technology)
  3. 3.
    Know your products - Product Emissions Lifecycle (powered by NFT technology)
  4. 4.
    Report and disclose - Global Disclosure Portal (powered by zero-knowledge technology)
  5. 5.
    Build reduction plans - Reduction intelligence (powered by AI-modelling technology)
Start effortlessly with Carbon Calculation Launchpad. Our Carbon Calculation Launchpad is your stepping stone to achieving net-zero emissions. We understand organizations' challenges in entering the realm of carbon accounting, and we provide straightforward solutions that eliminate these barriers. With an AI-based chat advisor, step-by-step guide, and our onboarding assistant, you won’t be challenged by the confusion of carbon calculation complexity. As you progress with your calculation, you’ll be rewarded with Votan wisdom badges. It’s an attractive and viral way to share your progress inside your company or with the public. It will show your commitment and help encourage your network to join you on the path to sustainability. Understand your emissions and get calculations based on actual data for just $9. For governments, cities, and businesses with properties, we offer fast and certified satellite and ground sensor-based carbon measurement.
  • Onboarding Assistant
  • AI-based chat Advisor
  • Step-by-step Guide
  • Certified satellite measurement and audit
  • Rewarding process
"Take Action Together" is our motto for Joint Emissions Management. We enable agreements to separate scope 3 emissions and establish robust relations with your supply chain. You’ll set up an unmountable smart contract with your partners, easily verifiable by third parties for transparency, auditing, and certification. Collaborate for Data Accuracy and improve your score by inviting your network to disclose their emissions. Through partner onboarding gamification, we foster engagement and accountability, transforming your carbon reduction journey into a shared, purpose-driven mission.
  • Scope 3 Separation agreement
  • Trastaparent contracts
  • Better data accuracy
  • Partner onboarding Gamification
  • Strengthening relations
With our Product Emissions Lifecycle, you're equipped with a future-proof solution for precise carbon accounting. Our cutting-edge automation powered by APIs and AI modules simplifies complex calculations, ensuring accuracy while saving you time and resources. Traceable Eco-labels powered by NFT technology empower you to communicate your commitment to sustainability transparently.
  • Future-proof
  • Accurate carbon accounting
  • Traceable Eco-labels
  • Automation (API, AI module)
Reveal Emissions on Global Disclosure Portal - Verified and Certified Reports and Traceable Eco-labels with Adjustable Access powered by zero-knowledge technology. Credibility is the cornerstone of sustainability. Our Verified Disclosure Portal offers validation and disclosure services that enhance your carbon reporting's trustworthiness. By aligning with the #NOTIME initiative, we encourage timely and impactful actions toward carbon reduction, strengthening your sustainability narrative.
  • Credibility (Validation & Disclosure)
  • Traceable Eco-labels
  • Adjustable access
  • #NOTIME initiative
Our Reduction Plans & Simulations service empowers you to make informed decisions. By harnessing simulations and modeling with AI modules, we create bespoke carbon reduction strategies. Join our partner network to access shared insights and best practices, and rest assured knowing that our solutions act as a barrier against greenwashing accusations.
  • Simulations and modeling
  • Partner network
  • Greenwashing prevention