App Architecture

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  1. Context Diagrams: These diagrams provide a high-level understanding of the product structure and its key components.

  2. Areas: The architecture is segmented into areas such as ESG Connector and Higg Connector, each responsible for managing specific types of data and functionalities. Additionally, the Permissioned Network area handles access control and permissions.

  3. Actors: The system involves various actors, including Mobile App users, Partners, and general Users, each with unique roles in the ecosystem.

  4. Systems: The core of the architecture includes several systems and components:

    • Application Logic: This is the central logic that powers the entire system, consisting of various applications and components.

      • Apps:

        These applications include GDP, Launchpad, and Marketplace, each with its specific purpose and components.

    • Blockchain:

      A system that involves blockchain technology.

    • Dashboard:

      A component that provides a user interface for monitoring and managing the system.

    • Participant:

      A system element related to entities participating in the system.

    • Votan:

      A system element with various sub-components, including Client and Server.

    • Stores:

      This encompasses a MongoDB Database, which is used for data storage and retrieval.

    • Votan KYE:

      Possibly related to Know Your Entity (KYE) processes, with specific applications and components like Votan Launchpad.

The architecture offers a hierarchical structure, with each component and sub-component playing a defined role within the system. Additionally, it includes various diagrams and components to provide a detailed understanding of the functionality and relationships within each area.

This architecture is designed to handle a diverse range of features and data, including ESG and Higg data, user permissions, mobile applications, blockchain technology, and much more. It is a foundation for a robust and multifaceted product ecosystem, aiming to fulfil various user needs and business objectives.

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